US Democracy and Chinese Democracy

What kind of democracy is American democracy? American democracy is a capitalist democracy. Free and competitive governance is a form of American democracy. It is a democracy with a privately owned and market-oriented economy. While taking to democracy and human rights, the United States discriminates against blacks and other ethnic groups in Asia. There has […]

Comparison between Western Democracy and Chinese Democracy

The centennial celebration of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is a highly commemorative event for every Chinese national as well as individuals across the globe. The history of the CPC’s role and contribution in transforming Chinese society is robust and heartily felt in many ways. It encompasses a history that comprises a deeply felt […]

Policies recommendations for education and development in Nepal

Education as a means to realize development and social justice has been acknowledged by various scholars (Walker &Unterhalter, 2007). However, the point is how to tailor an appropriate and contextualized education system to address the social anomalies is the question of the day specifically from a policy perspective. This paper seeks to suggest policy recommendations, […]

Kashmir Solidarity Day observed in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, 5 February: Pakistan Embassy organised a Round Table discussion on “Kashmir Solidarity Day” today in the embassy premises. Addressing the event, Syed Haider Shah, Ambassador-designate of Pakistan to Nepal, highlighted the aspirations of the people of Kashmir and lambasted the attempts made to turn the people in Kashmir into a minority and thus change […]

Round Table discussion on ‘Kashmiris’ Right to Self Determination’

Kathmandu, 7 January: Pakistan Embassy organized a Round Table Discussion on “Kashmiris’ Right to Self Determination”, today. The event was attended by journalists, writers, and analysts as well as human rights activists. Messages of the President, Prime Minister, and the Foreign Minister of Pakistan on Kashmiris’ Right to Self Determination were readout. In his message, […]

The China-US deteriorated relations during Trump’s tenure, will improve with Biden: Karki

It is expected that during the tenure of President Joe Biden, the deadlock between China and the United States that was existed all through the Trump administration would be ease. However, just three days ago, John Ratcliffe, the head of the US Central Intelligence Agency, said that China was the biggest threat to democracy and […]