China’s Support to Nepal for Covid-19 Crisis

When the dangerous and Vicious second wave of Covid-19 struck India, it collapsed its Health system and created hazard Situation there.

That second wave of Covid-19 struck India is widely known as mutant one which was first seen in October 2020 and the variant was B.1.167.

Known as India Variant it is considered as a dangerous and contiguous.

Record numbers of more 400 000 people in India are being victims of mutant variant B.1.167 variant of Covid-19. the vicious wave is killing more than 3 thousand citizens every day.

The health system in India is in a hazardous situation. People are losing life and so does the hopes.

Indian Government announced Lockdown in India.

Unfortunately, Just Like the first wave of Covid-19, the second wave struck Nepal too.

While the second wave of New Variant Covid-19 ruthlessly troubling India, Nepali people started using different roots to get back to their home country.

Nepal shares an open border with India. Many Nepali people who live nearby borders choose India as an employment hub.

Then Nepal faced the real threat of the Second wave of Covid-19. Almost 9 thousand people are being infected by the second wave in Nepal where hundreds of general people, Political leaders, artists, judges, doctors, journalists are losing their life daily.

Health System in Nepal started facing Crisis. There is a lack of beds in hospitals, oxygen cylinders, and other medical equipment.

When the First wave of Covid-19 was seen affecting India, Nepal noticed its impact in the country due to the open border.

So, the Nepal Government announced Lockdown in the whole nation on 24th March 2020, which lasted for almost 4 months and eased up a little bit after that.

As numbers of infection and death rate rise after the second wave of Covid-19, Nepal Government has announced full prohibition to 70 Districts of Nepal and partial prohibition to 4 districts.

Nepal’s Health System is in Crisis. But China as a good neighbor and best friend came in front to help Nepal.

When Nepal is facing a problem providing Oxygen to the general public, China announced to help Nepal with 20,000 oxygen cylinders.

400 Oxygen cylinders, ventilators, and other medical equipment landed here in Nepal from China on 11th may 2021 and the rest medical equipment is coming through roadways.

When the first wave of Covid-19 struck Nepal, China helped Nepal with Medical Equipment like Masks, PPE kits & Corona Test Kits.

Not only medical equipment, but Nepal also needed vaccines for people and China becomes ready to give Nepal 800000 doses grant of Vero cell Vaccine.

As China Promised, China Provided Nepal with 8,00,000 grant doses Of Vero cell vaccine, which landed in Nepal on 29th March 2021.

During that vaccine handover Ceremony Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, Her Excellency Hou Yanqi expressed that the development and deployment of the Chinese vaccine for Global good is China’s priority. China is ready to help and assists developing nations as per guidelines provided by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

After getting 8,00,000 grant doses of Vero cell Nepal Started the vaccination program on the 7th of April 2021 and Nepali citizens happily join the program.

Senior doctor Mr. Sarbottam Shrestha who works in the Model Hospital and Chetrapati Free Clinic Hospital in Kathmandu described the effectiveness of the China Vero cell vaccine after being vaccinated.

Dr. Shrestha said ‘Chinese vaccine is already being taken by senior leader & presidents of more than 10 countries.

This vaccine is very effective. It shows 100% antibody after getting vaccinate where we need only 79% to be safe.

There are still many Chinese people who still need to have vaccines. But Chinese Government sends Nepal 8,00,000 grant doses of vaccine, this is very commendable and respectful.

The first wave of Covid-19 is over and the second is covering the world way too fast and experts are expecting the third wave soon. So, I suggest everyone get vaccinated.

China’s Vero cell vaccine is widely accepted by people and professionals working in the different field has appreciated China’s help in this crisis.’
In Nepal, there are more than 4,00,000 Covid-19 cases. with more than 3,00,000 peoples recovered from it and still, 1,00,000 peoples are battling against Covid-19 and due to Covid-19, more than 4500 lost their lives.

Because of the effectiveness of the ‘Vero Cell’ vaccine people were waiting to get a second dose of it. And the second does Vero cell Vaccine’s vaccination program started on 16th May 2021. Nepali citizens widely appreciated China’s help and generosity in this time of the pandemic.

Kamala Devi Bhattarai lives in Kathmandu and works in a private office. She along with her family member and the office staff got a Chinese vaccine. she expressed ‘Being Vaccinated is very necessary to fight against Covid-19. Fortunately, I along with my Family members & Office staff get to have a Chinese vaccine. We heard the news of people being sick after getting vaccines. few people had a fever, body pain, headache. we had fear too. but We didn’t have any symptoms. Chinese “Vero cell” vaccine is very effective. China’s help in this crisis is really commendable and we hope to get more help in the coming days.

There are few more vaccines that were in use before the Chinese vaccine in the world. We heard about the side effects of the vaccine. but When I had the Chinese vaccine, I had no side effects. After being vaccinated my morale and confidence level went up and till now, I am healthy and feel confident against Covid-19. To fight the battle against Covid-19 we have to have confidence and the Chinese vaccine boosted my confidence level. I would to thank the Chinese government for their help and hoping to get more Chinese vaccines for Nepal.’

Dilli Raman Subedi is an active journalist who works for Aajako Khabar Media Pvt. Ltd. Journalists are frontline workers in this time of the pandemic. He had a ‘Vero Cell’ vaccine too and close overserved China’s effort to get Nepal out of this situation. ‘Nepal is widely affected by the second wave of Corona Virus. There is a lack of beds, Oxygens in the Hospital. Many people are losing their life. Nepal Government is requesting help from China, the USA, India for necessary Medical equipment.
A few months back Chinese Government Provided Nepal with 8,00,000 grant doses of the “Vero Cell” Vaccine. A few days ago, the Chinese Government helped Nepal with 20,000 oxygen Cylinders and other medical equipment.

I also had my first dose of the Chinese “Vero cell” vaccine. I had no symptoms of any harm. It is safe and reliable to use.

We as a Nepal citizen would like to express our regards to the people’s Republic of China and the Chinese people for helping us in this Pandemic.’

Pandemic affected many parts of society. Mostly affected sector of Nepal is tourism. Tourism is one of the main sources of income of Nepal. Iswori Pandey is a Travel Agent.

His business also had an impact on it. Business crashed but had to survive and fight against Covid-19 for that vaccination is important. Travel Agent Ishwori Pandey says’ There are few more vaccines were in use before Chinese vaccine in the world. We heard about the side effects of the vaccine. but When I had the Chinese vaccine, I had no side effects. After being vaccinated my morale and confidence level went up and till now, I am healthy and feel confident against Covid-19.
To fight the battle against Covid-19 we have to have confidence and the Chinese vaccine boosted my confidence level.

I would to thank the Chinese government for their help and hoping to get more Chinese vaccines for Nepal.’

Vero cell vaccine provided by China has an age limitation. 59 years old Suryanath Koirala is a former government official who wants to get vaccinated. but due to his age limitation, he didn’t get to have the Chinese Vero cell vaccine. ‘World is in crisis due to Corona Virus Pandemic. Many people are dying in our country too. Corona Virus is spreading all over rapidly. It is necessary to get vaccinated.

I am over 55 and Due to my age and age restriction, I am unable to get a vaccine. and not only me there many senior citizens who aren’t vaccinated due to the age barrier. But I think vaccination is important. Chinese Government is producing large-scale vaccines for different age groups. Chinese Government promised Nepal help. I think Nepal should approach China for more vaccines.’ says Koirala.

The vaccine is not a cure. but it is definitely is helpful to fight against Covid-19. The latest death rate and death graph show the benefit of being vaccinated. Dr. Ser Bahadur Pun, Who works in Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital (STIDH) as Chief of Clinical Unit and Infectious disease specialist explains the benefit of the vaccine. He says ‘ The Impact of vaccine is very effective. People who are vaccinated have less chance of being admitted to the hospital. Even if they are infected, the chance of complication is less. The advantages of being vaccinated are shown by the recent death graph of Nepal. Less vaccinated people are dying. The number of people who are dying isn’t vaccinated. if you are vaccinated there is less chance of death and serious case. There was doubt about vaccines before but the death graph and infection rate show how important it is to have vaccine. Having vaccine can help to avoid unwanted consequences of Covid-19.’

The vaccine is very effective necessary in this time of the pandemic. Nepal was looking for help at this time. India and China both came in front to help Nepal. India provided the first 10,00,0000 grant dose of vaccine and failed to provide the second dose due to an outbreak there. but China provided 8,00,000 grant doses and the Chinese vaccine is proved very effective and impactful.

Ganga Prasad Uprety, Chancellor of Nepal Academy, closely observed China’s help and the Chinese vaccine’s impact.

‘The whole world is facing the threat of Covid-19. In South Asia, India is mostly affected country. As the situation there started getting out of control Nepal also faced its impact. When the Covid-19 outbreak here in Nepal, Nepal tries to apply the lockdown and prohibition model used by China when it is first seen there. and Nepal is still following this model of a Chain break. while Covid-19 was destroying the economic, social, and health systems of many well-developed nations including the UK, USA, Italy, and many European nations. Developing nation Nepal is looking for help & cooperation. India and China stood up to help Nepal in this crisis. In the first phase, India provided Nepal with 10,00,000 grant doses of Vaccines. but due outbreak there, they fail to provide a second.

China also helps Nepal with 8,00,000 grant doses of the “Vero cell” vaccine. and vaccination of program started and now 2nd phase of vaccination programs is in the run.

As I studied about China’s “Vero cell” vaccine, it is effective and reliable. experts are also apricating its effectiveness against Covid-19.

As we have limit doses, I think we have to be very careful using this vaccine. and the Nepal government should ask for more vaccines.

China proved that it is competent to fight Covid-19. China is helping many nations with medical equipment, vaccine, and other assistance.

China has always been a great help and a good neighbor to Nepal. China stood by us in every difficulty we had.

I would like to thank China, Chinese people, for their help and the generosity they have shown to us. and we know china will help us whenever we need them.

I request the Chinese Government to help us with needed help, assistance & cooperation to battle against Covid-19.’

Covid-19 is tearing Nepal’s health system and destroying financial, social and so many sectors.

Nepal is looking for help to get out of this and China is helping us as a good neighbor and as a great friend. Still, there are many Nepali people left to have vaccines and hope to get vaccines from China. Source-Ray News Daily/Ray TV