Democracy summit would not be fruitful in divided thinking

The United States is hosting the Democracy Summit 2021 On December 9-10. One hundred and ten countries from around the world have been invited to this virtual summit. It is said that Leaders from the government, civil society, and the private sectors will participate in this summit.

However, countries such as China, Russia, and Turkey have not been invited to the December summit. Ever since being elected as president, Mr. Joe Biden has been working to strengthen the political and military alliance of a like-minded group of the world. He has been working hard to implement projects from Quad to Indo-Pacific. This summit is an attempt to spread its influence.

The United States wants to establish that countries like China and Russia, which are on the path of real socialism, are not democratic countries. US seeks to elevate itself by negatively portraying the powerful nations, including China and Russia, by creating instability in these countries, and by spreading negative propaganda about these countries. But, China has made great strides in poverty alleviation and corruption control. China has made the lives of the Chinese people prosperous. China and Russia are also practicing the highest form of democracy in the country. They are promoting the strong participation of the people in governance as a guiding principle. Today, China and Russia have made great strides in science, technology, and physical development as well. They have focused on the maximum welfare of the people. America is well aware of such achievements of China and Russia. But, America wants to keep the rest of the world away from this reality. America is working hard to destabilize China and Russia by dragging them into conflict. Likewise, Turkey has also promoted democratic values in its own way. Despite the controversy, Turkey’s policies are conducive to democracy.

Instead, democracy within the United States is in decline. The gap between rich and poor in America is widening. Massive anti-government protests are taking place in the United States. Blacks are not able to speak. There is a big difference between white and black citizens of America. To cover it up, the US is urgently raising the issue of others. The summit is aimed at diverting public attention from internal problems and leaving its mark on countries around the world. This is made clear by inviting only those who are on its side and those who are weak. Countries like China, Russia and Turkey are challenging the US in various fields. Therefore, these countries have not been invited for fear of their influence. From the summit, the United States aims to reassert its influence around the world.

Nepal should not participate in the summit which will be organized with a clear division among the countries of the world. Nepal should not participate in the activities that the US has done to its advantage. American democracy is a hollow paper democracy. Other countries should not run after such a democracy. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba may attend the ceremony as the party president of the Nepali Congress party. However, Mr. Deuba should not participate on behalf of the head of the Government of Nepal. It is not in Nepal’s interest to accept the US ideological alliance. It is clear that America’s political and ideological dominance is evident in this summit. Leaders of some political parties may participate personally. But, the country’s executive chief should not be involved.

For so many years, the United States has not been able to completely eliminate discrimination between whites and blacks. That discrimination is constantly increasing. Conflicts have arisen in the United States from time to time due to apartheid. On the other hand, the United States has not been able to solve the problem of certain indigenous peoples. There is still discrimination against them. This is what the American media themselves has raised this question from time to time. Even if the United States takes immigrants from different countries as cheap labor, discrimination against them is increasing. There have been reports of workers being exploited in the United States. In this way, American democracy is being exposed.

On the other hand, political corruption is also rising in America. According to US experts, 90 percent of the US economy is owned by the richest 10 percent of Americans. And, 90 percent of Americans own only 10 percent of the US economy. That’s why American experts and economists have been exposing economic and racial discrimination there.

Discrimination between workers and employers is rising in America. Corruption and poverty is also rising rapidly. But unfortunately, the United States continuously rising questions about another country’s democracy. This is the double standard of American democracy. It is clear that the US is trying to become a messiah of democracy by hiding its weaknesses. The people of the world can never accept this.

The United States has said in a statement that the United States has failed to provide adequate information on the origin of the coronavirus. The United States has also expressed dissatisfaction with the World Health Organization over the coronavirus. America withdrew from the WHO in response to the pandemic. The United States has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement. During the same period, China invented various vaccines against corona not only for its citizens but also for the protection of humankind. Even though it was not possible to get the vaccine by paying money, China provided free vaccines to many countries of the world including Nepal. Despite the need for vaccination by its own people, China selflessly sent vaccines to the corners of the world to protect mankind. This is significant humanitarian and economic assistance from China. China has created a situation where people do not have to lose their lives due to vaccination. This work is commendable. China has been at the forefront of providing vaccines to the people of the world, respecting the fundamental right of people to be vaccinated against corona. China has taken important steps to protect the environment as well.

At this time, China is not only one of the most influential countries in the world, but also the backbone of the world economy. Therefore, China’s security challenges are also increasing. China is ahead of the United States in terms of security. Progress is being made in the fields of science, technology, and space science.

Nepal is a non-aligned country. In such a situation, Nepal should not participate in any world conference or Summit that will be held separately from China and Russia. We must all move forward together. The world must be united to solve the problems of today’s human race. We should not participate in any country without understanding its hidden interest.

(Hiranya Lal Shrestha is a senior writer and Diplomat)