China’s initiative, US strategy and impact in Nepal

Now, the world has changed from unipolar to multipolar. The pole, which is under the control of the United States, has become weak. The other pole is led by China. Some new international forums like BRICS have emerged. China and the United States are now showing signs of the Cold War. In the Soviet Cold War, no one depended on anyone, only competition was there. Now there is interdependence. China and the United States are interdependent. Cooperation and competition are sought between them. The rivalry between China and the United States can no longer be denied or diminished. So there is competition in today’s world. The anti-China era of the Trump era has come to an end with the change of leadership in the United States. Instead, the ideological conflict intensifies. Although, the United States seems to be trying to make NATO more powerful, to strengthen its ties with Europe. The US seems to be trying to raise the issue of human rights in China. Such competition extends to space and Mars. There is competition in science and technology. Competition between the two countries is growing from cyber science to space science. China has made great strides in technology and economics. Looking at China’s five-year plan, the goal is to reach even higher levels in the navy, army, and air force by 2027. Recently, China has announced the eradication of poverty. In a period of 8 years, 100 million people have been lifted out of poverty. China’s efforts to alleviate poverty are exemplary for the world.

Hiranya Lal Shrestha

China has lifted 100 million people out of poverty in eight years. This is an inspiring and exemplary thing for the world. The first is the right policy and the commitment of the Chinese Communist Party. At the same time, the patriotic spirit of Chinese people, who are dedicated to the development of their country, are committed and are constantly moving forward with the objective of surpassing the world, is their contribution. The common aspiration of prosperity lies with the Chinese people and the Chinese leadership. All of these are the main reasons for China’s achievements in poverty alleviation.

After the end of Trump’s rule in the United States, there has been some softening between China and the United States. But, there seems to be competition between them. The US wants to promote MCC and China’s priority is BRI. Speaking of China’s BRI project, it is a campaign for the prosperity of the entire world including Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. There was a Silk Road before. At that time, people used to go on horseback to sell goods. Nepal was also connected to the ancient Silk Road and now with the BRI project. It is related to strengthen Nepal’s prosperity. As trans-Himalayan connectivity includes rail, road, and optical fiber, there is a good chance that Nepal will benefit from the BRI project. The very important thing that Chinese President Xi Jinping has adopted a policy of connecting South Asia through Rasuwagadi Nepal. Ever since the time of Chairman Mao, China has been urging Nepal to always move forward with the South and maintain good relations with the South. However, the South, that is, India, says not to return towards China. But China has never spoken out against India. Due to Nepal’s geopolitical situation, China has always been asking Nepal to have good relations with both India and China. China never wants to push India into a US camp. It is China’s policy to increase its support by emphasizing cooperation. Even if not, China’s policy seems to be to reduce border tensions and resolve border issues through peaceful means. SAARC must be revived and China’s role in it must be enhanced. In order to make the 21st century the century of Asia, we believe that the relations between India and China should be improved and Nepal should be a link to that. Now we have to go to Nepal by pursuing diplomacy to accelerate economic prosperity. Nepal should benefit from the development of both its neighbors. China’s policy is to make Asia prosperous and to prevent foreign interference in maintaining lasting peace in Asia.

There is no problem in benefiting Nepal from MCC and BRI. However, the MCC does not pass as proposed. Its security strategy and military concern, including unequal points, must be removed. Also, in case of any dispute in the MCC project, according to the condition which is mentioned in the MCC that the law of the United States shall apply. Only points that are in the favor of Nepal’s independence can be kept. We do not accept other points. We have agreed to build a power transmission line and widen the road. However, points that are not in the interest of Nepal and the Nepali people should be amended.

Nepal must have good relations with both its neighbors. However, we should be aware that if any country directly or indirectly attacks or interferes with China or India using Nepal’s land or engages in other activities, it will not be acceptable to Nepal. We will not allow Nepal’s land to be used against China under any circumstances. In the past, the Khampa rebels invaded China’s Tibet using Nepalese territory with US-backed weapons and financial support.

Xinjiang, Taiwan and Tibet issues and the escalation of unnecessary disputes

Xinjiang of China, Kashmir of India, Jaffna of Sri Lanka, Terai of Nepal, good neighbors never blame a friend. Nepal can never support the disintegration of China and the disintegration of Tibet. The separatists cannot be supported in Xinjiang. We want a prosperous Hong Kong under China’s security. We cannot support any movement against the prosperity of Hong Kong. Nepal is always in favor of Hong Kong being under China. In Xinjiang, it is not a matter of lifting the Uyghurs. That is China’s internal matter, and we are adamant that others should not interfere. Nepal is wary of separatists and those who seek to divide China and has always been in favor of a one-China policy. We are maintaining good relations with China. Because with China’s good development and prosperity in Tibet, we will get more strength. Only Nepal’s airplane goes to Tibet, Nepal has only a consulate general office in Tibet. This is a matter of pride for us. So the first channel of Nepal is Tibet, the second channel is the mainland of China and the third channel is Hong Kong and Macau. Nepal-China relation is developing through these three channels. And all three of these channels must be active. In that too, we are happy that Tibet is strong and united. When Tibet is strong and prosperous, it is sure to support the development of the northern region of Nepal. We plan to open ports with Tibet, and China has also emphasized this. Therefore, it is necessary to build a mountain highway for the development of the northern region of Nepal. For example, the East-West Highway has been built in the Terai.

Relationship between China and Russia

China and Russia are moving forward as cooperative partners. The two countries now have only one common interest: to resist US hegemonic policies and to develop a multi-polar partnership. At this time, relations between Russia and China have been strengthened. They have partnered against American hegemony. We want that to go even further. Russia’s eyes have been on East Asia since the recent US embargo on Russia, and it has given high importance to relations with China. Nepal also benefits from the proximity of Russia and China, both in terms of area and geopolitics. So now I think the day has come to do business with Russia by taking a short route from the BRI.

China should support the common policy of third-world independence aspirations. China must stand with the people of Asia, Africa, and South America against the US hegemony, against all forms of hegemony and oppression. China should support the whole world. China should support Asia, Africa, and South American countries to avoid becoming dependent on Western nations, help them become economically self-sufficient, and provide alternative sources of employment. At the same time, China’s prosperity is important for changing the economic face of Asia, Africa, and South America. Even now, corona vaccines produced in China have reached Africa, South America, and Asian countries. It highlights China’s love and responsibility to the world community.