Minister Bista urges Koreans to invest on employment generating sectors

Kathmandu, July 23 : Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security, Gokarna Bista, has urged the South Koreans to invest in the sectors that help create employments for Nepali youths, because Nepal had now political stability.

Addressing a workshop organized jointly by the South Korean Embassy and Ankur Nepal here today, Minister Bista viewed that there was huge potential on Nepal’s agriculture, tourism and minerals. “Korean industrialists and entrepreneurs can invest in Nepal to help generate jobs. Private sectors from both countries can expand the industrial and trade relations between the two countries,” he emphasized.

Nepali workers have earned reputation in international labour market, he said, urging the Nepali workers not to overstay in Korea after the expiry of work permit. As the Minister shared, although billion of money was brought in as remittance in Nepal, most of it was spent on unproductive sector. The remittance needs to be used for capital formation in the country, he underscored.

The Minister further said Nepal would set up a skill centre to produce skilled human resources.

Korean Ambassador to Nepal, Park Young-sik, informed that many projects were being run with the financial and technical support of the Korean government in Nepal. He also said his country had given priority to Nepali youths in labour market.

On the occasion, economist Bishwo Poudel urged the Nepali youths who returned from Korea job to invest in agriculture, energy and hotel.

The South Korea has been providing job opportunity to the Nepali youths since 2008. As many 66,000 Nepalis are working there now.