China has already completed successfully the Olympic and Asian games

The Olympic is an important festival. This is not only important for athelates, but also very important for all over the world. Athletes have long dreamed of participating in the Olympics. For that, they have also done training. It is also an important platform to show the talents of Olympic athletes. The Olympics, on the one hand, is a sporting event, on the other hand, it is an opportunity to build friendships between countries and athletes. It is an important platform to get to know each other, to develop brotherhood, to share experiences. The Olympics take place once every four years. So it is very important for the sports sector. It is also an opportunity for players to take their exams. It is also an opportunity for players from all over the world to compete and show their potential. In all these respects, this Olympics is very important.

There are different principles of the sports. Sports and politics are different things. Therefore, if there are any problems about any country, they should be discussed separately and resolved. Such issues should not be linked with sports. It should not be seen in one place. It should be different.

The main principle of the Olympics is to develop brotherhood and friendship through sports. It is to exchange their cultures with each other. It is to give the identity of one’s country. Mixing politics with sports is beyond the scope of the Olympics. It clearly believes that it should not be politicized. Doing politics in sports does not conform to the rules and principles of sports.

China has successfully hosted the Olympic Games in the past. The 2010 Quanzhou Asian Games were held. Similarly, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were held in 2008. I participated in both Olympics. Based on my participation and my experience, the Asian Games have been very memorable. I think China has a high capacity to organize sports, to manage participants properly and to manage and operate sports efficiently. Based on the two games that China has held in the past, I can say with confidence that China has the potential to make the Olympic Games a grand success.

There is a terror of Covid 19 pandemic around the world. In terms of prevention, control and treatment of the pandemic, China seems to have managed to control it very quickly. China has done an effective effort in the field of corona prevention. We have also heard that the transition has been reduced to zero. Compared to other countries in the world, China has been more effective in controlling and preventing the pandemic.

Finally, I would like to extend my best wishes for the complete success of the Beijing Winter Olympics once again.

(Mr. Shrestha is a member of federal parliament)