74th Independence Day of Pakistan observed

KATHMANDU, Aug 14: On the occasion of the 74th Independence Day of Pakistan, a flag hoisting ceremony was held on the premises of Embassy of Pakistan in Kathmandu on Friday. Ambassador, Mazhar Javed hoisted the flag. On the occasion embassy Officials, senior members of Nepal-Pakistan Friendship and Cultural Association (NPFCA) and media representatives were present. In his message, the President of […]

The former Government Officials’ Comments: China and the USA should abandon fighting and go together

The present dispute between the US and China has extremely risen up. World’s two superpowers have been in conflict since the past years. The United States, which claims to have a high level of democracy, is unnecessarily interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. It all started when Donald Trump was elected as the […]

‘Diplomatic Cold War’ Makes the United States More Isolated

America has closed the Chinese consulate earlier. On July 21, the United States unilaterally decided to close the Chinese Consulate office in Houston. Subsequently, China also closed the US Consulate in Chengdu. This is a world practice in diplomacy. When one creates a problem, the other responds. It has become an international practice in diplomacy […]

Bhattarai share a message On 65th Anniversary Of Diplomatic ties between Nepal and China

Kathmandu: Chairman of China Study Center Mr. Sundar Nath Bhattarai shared a message on Saturday on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Nepal and China. In the messages, he has said that he is feeling ‘great honor to share immense pleasure and happiness with the Government, the Chinese […]

Responsible Leadership in Nepalese politics after earthquake of 2015

Abstract This paper discusses characters of leadership in Nepalese politics specifically after the earthquake of 2015.With some examples from the context, it argues that leadership style in Nepal lacks responsible component. Therefore, a culture of responsibility in crafting leadership styles should be promoted in various sectors of the Nepalese community in times to come for […]

Church Members in South Korea Declared Donation Worth Plasma for COVID-19 cure

A South Korea-based religious group named the Shincheonji Church of Jesus said that over 4,000 members of the church recovered from COVID-19 are willing to donate plasma for developing a new treatment. The amount of blood will be about $83 billion worth if the 4,000 patients donate 500ml individually, according to the current transaction in […]

Dilemmas of Humanitarian Negotiators

Humanitarian negotiators live with dilemmas. They have to make decisions that are not often desirable and are of contentious nature. However, the purpose of the negotiators takes precedence in decision-making. The purpose is to save human lives. To save human lives, humanitarian negotiators have to do everything possible irrespective of the socially constructed ideas and […]