Focus on economic development for prosperity: NCP leader Khanal

Kathmandu, Aug 3 : Nepal Communist Party (NCP) senior leader and former Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal on Saturday stressed the need to spur economic development to achieve the country’s goal of prosperity. He emphasised adoption of three pillar fiscal policy for country’s economic development. He was addressing the 75th birth anniversary of communist leader Jibaraj Ashrit, organised here by the Jibra Ashrit Foundation.

“Some of the dreams of Jibaraj Ashrit including democracy have been realised”. His vision for socialism is yet to be implemented. Now new generation should act on achieving it,” he said. He praised Ashrit as a multifaceted personality not only as an accomplished administrator but also a key contributor to the communist movement.

Likewise, NCP Secretariat member Bamdev Gautam admired Ashrit as a litterateur, politician and accomplished administrator.

NCP leader Yubraj Gyawali underscored the need for addressing aspiration of the people and carrying out development activities in a different way.

NCP leader and Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali viewed that there was not any excuse for CPN leaders to fall behind in catering to the expectations of the people from the party.

Also, NCP leader and former minister Surendra Pandey called for party leaders to work beyond individual and partisan interests for the sake of Nepali people.