Nepal Army: All eyes on profit


The estimated cost for Devsthal Kainadanda section of Jajarkot-Dunai road was rupees 195.4 million rupees. The actual project costs exceeded by 88.42 millionrupees, without sufficient technical clarification. Procurements exceeding 100 million rupees were made in the year 2015 without following proper procedure as stipulated by Article 7 of Public Procurement Act, 2007. The welfare medical […]

Saptari Incident: Innocents reeled under ego clash

23 Falgun, 2073 (6 March, 2017): Nepal’s second largest political party, CPN-UML was conducting its mass assembly in Gajendra Narayan Singh Industrial Area at Basbitti, Saptari as part of its ‘Mechi-Mahakali Campaign’. Meanwhile, cadres of Madhesi Morcha, who had announced ‘prohibition’ of the CPN-UML from entering Madhesh were staging a protest some 300 meters away […]

KILLING CLINICS : Where patients are prescribed death

Nilisha Karki was only 20 years when she died of blood transfusion error at Kathmandu’s Nobel Hospital in the spring of 2013. Nilisha was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombacytopenic Purpura (ITP), a kind of disorder resulting in unusually low levels of blood platelets, at Kathmandu’s Institute of Medicine (IOM) Teaching Hospital. In April 2013, Nilisha was […]