ANAHEIM, CA – Volunteers of non-profit organization Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) hosted a peace conference at the Anaheim Convention Center on September 12th as a pre-event to the main “2018 HWPL Peace Summit” currently being held in South Korea from September 17-19th. One of the goals of the “2018 HWPL Peace […]

Shouts for World Peace and Unification of the Korean Peninsula

On September 18th, leaders of the two Koreas have met in Pyongyang, North Korea, for the third meeting for inter-Korean reconciliation. With the international attention focused on the movements of the two leaders, families from around the world expecting the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula, further world peace attended a peace festival held in […]

Leadership for Global Peace: Strategic Collaboration of Politics, Religion, and Women Leaders

On September 18th, an UN-affiliated NGO, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), organized high-level meetings at the 2018 HWPL World Peace Summit ahead of its outdoor peace festival. Former and current heads of state, government officials, chief justices, speakers of the national assembly, religious leaders, and first ladies gathered by each sector to […]

Over 100 dead after Tanzania ferry sinks on Lake Victoria

Kampala, 21 September: The death toll rose above 100 on Friday after a ferry capsized and sank on Lake Victoria, Tanzania state radio reported.  The toll is likely to rise further as search and rescue operations continue after Thursday afternoon’s disaster, John Mongella, commissioner for the Mwanza region, told The Associated Press. President John Magufuli urged […]

Vietnam President Tran Dai Quang dead at 61 due to illness

Hanoi, 21 September: Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang, the country’s second in command after the Communist party’s leader, died Friday of a serious illness, the government said. He was 61. The website statement said Quang passed away despite “utmost efforts to treat him by Vietnamese and foreign professors and doctors and care by the Party […]

The 5th Baltic Black Sea Forum Held in South Korea

Incheon, Korea – 17 Sep 2018 – The 5th Baltic-Black Sea Forum, a meeting of former presidents of Eastern Europe, was held on the subject of “Affirming the Solidarity in Maintaining Peace: Better Europe and Asia. Experience and Prospective” on 16th September in the Republic of Korea. International Centre for Black Sea-Baltic Studies and Consensus […]

National Leaders in Eastern Europe Seek Cooperative Measures for Peacebuilding in Association with an Int’l NGO in South Korea

Seoul – On 16th of September, a peace talk in search of the fundamental solution to put an end to the war was hosted by a UN-affiliated NGO, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) in Goseong, South Korea. ‘Goseong Peace Talk’, which was jointly organized with International Centre for Black Sea-Baltic Studies and […]