Nine bodies retrieved, four still missing

Butwal, July 23 : Bodies of nine people buried in a landslide in ward no. 3 and 4 of Satyawati rural municipality last night have been retrieved. However, four others believed to be buried as well are still missing.

The bodies of Dil Kumar Taramu,34, her nine-year-old son Darshan and 63-year-old Durga Sinjali were recovered in Lumke of ward no. 3. However, the bodies of 16-year-old Bobby BK and Maya BK,43, are yet to be found, according to Chief District Officer Yadunath Poudel.

Likewise, in Limgha of ward no. 4, the bodies of six people were recovered, with two still missing. Those found dead at the place were Himansu BK,10, Pampha BK,29, Nirmala BK,32, 12-year-old Anjali BK, 60-year-old Challi BK and 10-year-old Simani BK. The fate of eight-year-old Tara BK and an infant Suman is not yet known.

Meanwhile, around a 1,000 people in ward no. 4 have been shifted to the local school as the entire village was at risk of being hit by landslide. Local security personnel and local residents have joined hands in the rescue and relief works.

A team including doctors and medicines has been sent for the affected site. However, continuous rainfall is hampering the rescue and relief works, the rural municipality Chair Pariswar Dhakal said.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Pradip Gyawali and State no. 5 Social Development Minister Sudarshan Baral have reached the landslide-affected area with relief supplies.