President Xi’s Visit Will be Multidimensional

President of Nepal’s northern intimate neighbouring country of China, Excellency Xi Jinping is paying a two days state level visit of Nepal from today. From this high-level visit of the Chinese president, to have happened after 23 years, all Nepalese are feeling ardent. Main roads and vicinity around the capital city, many entrance gates have been made and well decorated for the hearty welcome of distinguished guests and even Nepalese citizens have been waiting the moment of reception impatiently.

From some days to now, Newspapers, television programms, online newspapers, and many other social media have been rising and have coverage of the issues of visit management, preparation and even some agendas to be put forward while the visit of excellency Xi. And obviously, such news in the media and other issues mentioned above would help the visit to attain its utmost height. Welcome gates have already been made and decorated from not only by government sides but also by non-government organizations too with high priority for the warm reception of Chinese guests. And all the above-mentioned activities prove that Nepal-China relation is getting strong, close and intimate day by day.

China Nepal friendship covers a long period of History and has been boosted by many supermen like Manjushree, Bhirkuti, Arniko, Fa Xian, Shuan Zhang, and Buddhabhadra. After founding the diplomatic relations in 1955, our relation has come into modern form and in the time being, formal state-level visit uses to happen time and again. On behalf of the Nepalese government, prime ministers of Nepal, Tankaprasad Acharya, BP Koirala, Kirtinidhi Bista have made the friendly visits to China respectively, decades ago. Similarly, King Mahendra, King Birendra, and Gyanendra as well have made great contribution in the promotion of bilateral relationships through Formal royal and state-level visits. In the same way, from the Chinese side, premier Zhou Enlai, senior leader Deng Xiaoping, President Jiang Zhemin, Premier Wen Jiabao also have already paid a high-level visit to Nepal.

On the other hand, in the recent past, Prime-Minister of Nepal namely, Krishnaprasad Bhattarai, Girija Prasad Koirala, Sher Bahadur Deuwa, Madhav Kumar Nepal, Puspakamal Dahal, and KP Oli have helped strengthen bilateral relations through their visit to China. After Nepal being a democratic republic, the then president Rambaran Yadav and president Bidhyadevi Bhandari also visited China. And such visits have a significant role in the promotion of friendly relations between both countries. And presently, the imminent historical visit of Excellency Xi to Nepal is expected to be right and appropriate for 21stcentury relations. The remark of signing agreement on railways construction and many other agreements pertaining to BRI, to be held during the visit is overwhelming everywhere.

China, as beings a second economic power and emerging power country in the world, the achievements it has secured might help to the development of Nepal and still have many possibilities for Nepal to be benefited from it. The entrance of Chinese railways to Nepal might transform the economic development of Nepal with ease in sino-Nepal trade, and also the entrepreneurs and Investors of both the countries will feel relief through it and trade deficit of Nepal with China will be decreased.

Similarly such mutual works will help enhance public relations of both countries along with economic and cultural relations too. Thus, the relationship of these neighbouring countries since time immemorial, will be boosted to the pinnacle of friendship and after the grand success of the visit of President Xi, mutual relations will be even more fruitful, prosperous and will be ensuing, that is what we feel confident, whereby. Cordial welcome and warm salutation to Excellency Xi.

(About writer: Durga Bahadur Shrestha is a President, Nepal China Commerce Friendship Association)