Modern technology-based agricultury stressed

Biratnagar, March 13: State-1 Minister for Social Development Jeevan Ghimire has stressed the need on the use of modern technology so as to attract youths to agriculture profession.

He said this while inaugurating the state-level interaction organised here on Tuesday by the government-formed taskforce for human resource projection and development planning.

He urged the taskforce to formulate short-term, mid-term and long-term planning measures to develop human resource required for the development of industries based on agriculture, tourism, hydropower and industry.

State Secretary Kedar Neupane said the education delivered by the Universities and schools should be skill-based to propel technology-intensive agriculture.

Taskforce Coordinator Dr Rudra Suwal said a report would be prepared by collecting recommendations on the country need of human resource for now and within coming 25 years.

The one-day interaction was attended by the chiefs and deputy chiefs of State-1 and local governments and the employees and representatives of different state ministries. —