European Leaders’ Support for Peace in Korea

Frankfurt am Main, May 12 – European experts and South Korean peace activists have voiced their support for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula at the ‘Pan-European Peace Forum’ held in Frankfurt, Germany. Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), a Seoul-based peace NGO as in consultative status with the UN Economic and […]

Publics Globally Want Unbiased News Coverage but Are Divided on Whether Their News Media Deliver

Publics around the world overwhelmingly agree that the news media should be unbiased in their coverage of political issues, according to a new Pew Research Center survey of 38 countries. Yet, when asked how their news media are doing on reporting different political issues fairly, people are far more mixed in their sentiments, with many […]

Armed Police Forced mobilized for border security in Darchula

DARCHULA: A 15-member team of Armed Police Force has been dispatched from the APF border security battalion in Darchula in order to secure the northern border since it was reported that the Indian side constructed makeshift bridges over the Mahakali river unilaterally. Without consensus from the Nepali side, the Indian side is reported to have […]

Civil Society in 71 Countries Urges International Law for Peace and Justice for Religious Freedom

While the global society has been sending an interest and encouragement to the historic decision of the North Korea-US dialogue following the ‘Peace Olympics’ held in South Korea, a Korea-based international peace NGO held an event commemorating “The 2nd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW)” on March 14. In […]

Rajbiraj Airport runway black-topping expedited

Rajbiraj, March 18 : Black-topping of Rajbiraj Airport has started gaining momentum after the government gave the final deadline for completing work by the next month. Earlier, the contractors Kancha Ram Construction and Rautahat Construction had started black-topping of the airport on 23 November 2016 and were supposed to complete it by 15 December 2017. […]

Two injured in US-Bangla air crash return home

KATHMANDU: Two among those injured in the March 12 fatal crash involving the US-Bangla passenger airplane at Tribhuvan International Airport returned home from Dhapasi-based Grande International Hospital on Sunday. Dayaram Tamrakar of Kapan, Kathmandu, and Kishor Tripathi of Balkot, Bhaktapur, who were among those 71 on board the ill-fated airliner got discharged from the Dhapasi-based […]

South Korean Citizens Condemn Government and Religion’s Silence on Human Rights Violation

The South Korean government has been actively engaged in the reconciliation process with North Korea, but not even a single official statement from the government on 1,000 victims from the forcible change of religion against individuals in minor religious denominations has not been delivered. Human Rights Association for Victims of Coercive Conversion Programs (HAC), hosted […]